[mohaa] Spearhead updates.

Eduardo E. Silva esilva at silvex.com
Mon Dec 16 18:42:11 EST 2002

I meant download it! oops!

Ed Silva
Silvex Consulting Inc.
(714) 504-6870 Cell

Eduardo E. Silva said:
> Great news! just post a link to the server code so we can upload it and test
> it!
> Ed Silva
> Silvex Consulting Inc.
> (714) 504-6870 Cell
> Ryan C. Gordon said:
>> So you know you aren't being neglected...
>> The initial Spearheard Linux port is done. It was easier to re-port it
>> than to merge my changes from mohaa 1.11 into the new code (there are a
>> LOT of code changes in Spearhead). When I say "initial" that means "it
>> builds and doesn't crash immediately", but for those following the
>> Battlefield 1942 beta, we all know that doesn't mean a whole lot.  :)
>> Currently, I'm waiting on a newer codedrop from EA, which is supposedly
>> making its way across the country as I type this. I'm hoping to have this
>> in beta sometime during the holidays, or right after them, but no promises
>> as to an actual timeframe right now.
>> --ryan.

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