[mohaa] still getting U-boat spawns?!?!?

Luke Salsich lsalsich at cox.net
Sat Dec 7 08:07:57 EST 2002

Awesome, Tom. Thanks. All set now! No more crashing for me (well, at
least not cause of a U-boat!).

Luke Salsich
lsalsich at cox.net
(401) 965-9564

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Yes, you need to choose Linux option. The Linux server does not use the
DLL files from the Windows version. The file to patch on Linux is called
fgameded.so. Copy this file from your Linux box into your Windows MoHAA
folder, then run the patch program and select Linux, then copy the
patched file back to Linux.

Alternatively, I wrote a shell script to do this directly under Linux,
without the need for Windows at all. You can grab it here if you like:

Tom Greene <tom at cowgod.org>

On Sat, 7 Dec 2002, Luke Salsich wrote:

> hey all,
> Thanks to Shockwave a couple of days ago for directing me to the 
> latest version of the U-boat spawn crash' fix and for explaining it a 
> bit to us admins. I have run the patch update on my windows machine 
> and then uploaded the patched gamex86.dll file to my Linux game server

> as directed. The problem is someone is still able to crash my game 
> server using this spawn trick. The logs indicate it clearly. I could 
> really use some help here, if anybody has any ideas. One thing I have 
> a question
> on: when I ran the patch update it asked me if I was using windows or
> Linux. I said windows because at the moment I was patching my windows
> box (I think I am supposed to do it this way, no?), but maybe I should
> have chosen 'Linux'? 
> Thanks guys!
> -Luke

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