[lugaru] Windows VC project not compiling

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat May 15 02:21:08 EDT 2010

> Who makes the big design decisions?  Moving files between directories, 
> coding style, etc.

Technically, I do, in that I decide if I want to pull other people's 
changes into what is, more or less, the "official" repository. But I'll 
accept almost any change that makes sense, unsolicited or otherwise.

(...and if I do a poor job, surely someone else's clone will become the 
de facto "official" repository.)

> I fetched the latest build this morning, built the VC Solution and 
> opened it.

We're still fixing this to work on Windows. We have this building with 
MingW, but we're still sorting out some Visual C++ things (like the 
windres error you see).

Those that are inclined to help with this effort should definitely swing 
by irc.wolfire.com, #wolfire channel, as there are several people in 
there aggressively improving the code in general and improving Windows 
support specifically.


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