[lugaru] Lugaru crashing Xorg-1.8

Ryan ryan at grayrabble.org
Sat Jun 5 21:55:56 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,
I've been trying to get Lugaru running on my Gentoo box, but I've been  
having issues with both the open-source *and* Indie Bundle binary versions.

Every time the mercurial source version starts, it crashes X fatally! I'm  
using a laptop with an integrated Intel card using the i915 driver and  
Xorg 1.8.1, running vanilla kernel 2.6.33. It comes up with a segfault in  
the X server, killing it. I'm not sure if this is Lugaru's fault, or my  
drivers', but I'm running recent versions, so maybe Lugaru is putting it  
in weird modes or something.

I've also got the Indie Bundle binary version, and it runs mostly fine,  
apart from some really weird (and cool) bugs. The first one mucks up the  
mipmapped textures - I can see rabbits as normal from a distance, but  
closer up, they become a wireframe model. It affects the player rabbit  
too, so I'm looking down at a featureless wireframe rabbit most of the  
time. This is ok, not a real problem, just a bit strange.
The bigger bug, which is really weird, happens whenever I try to jump. It  
jumps, but way further than expected, both distance-wise and straight up.  
Also, tapping or holding the jump-button adds to the flight, making me  
jump even higher, or even hover. When mid-air, I can still manoeuvre,  
making it possible to zoom around the map, dropping down to take out  
enemies (or jumping up the tower in the first level in a single leap). I  
happen to know this isn't how it's meant to be played, having played the  
demo version years back on a Windows XP box.

Has anyone else had these bugs, or is it just me?


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