[lokisetup] libxml1?

Lars Uffmann lars at uffmann.name
Tue Jun 29 17:33:41 EDT 2010

Hi Stephane,

Stephane Peter wrote:
> There is already libxml2 support in both loki_setup and loki_setupdb, it's just off by default. You can pass --with-libxml2 to the configure script to enable it.

That helped! Thank you :)

Now I guess I need to run
 make setupdb
On this, ld returns with 1 exit status trying to link libxml2.a - 
getting errors from undefined references to pow, log10, fmod and floor - 
seems some math library is missing?

I tried aptitude build-dep libxml2 - to no good.

Any ideas? Gonna google on that now.

Best Regards,


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