[lokisetup] libxml1?

Lars Uffmann lars at uffmann.name
Tue Jun 29 16:16:37 EDT 2010

Hey everyone!

I stumbled upon the loki svn repository at icculus last night, after I 
was having trouble installing unreal tournament 2003 (last time I failed 
completely and just went with UT99). This time I wanted to solve my 
problems, and since my loki-installer for ut 2003 complains about 
loki_patch not being found, I wanted to build that.

However, in order to build loki_setupdb, configure wants to have libxml1 
- now I have the problem that this version seems to have been last 
shipped with Debian etch (oldstable) - and I cannot find any repository 
for that.

I have tried compiling from source (the only .tar.gz version I found was 
some 1.8.* on Ubuntu website), but I failed with too many error messages 
to keep pushing that direction before I haven't tried other ways.

So I was wondering if you could tell me where to get libxml1, or if 
there is a way to build loki tools with libxml2.

Thanks in advance!


PS: wonderful tool! :)

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