[lokisetup] Problem with Installing LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English in Linux

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Oct 5 04:12:39 EDT 2007

> This installation doesn't support glibc-2.0 on Linux / x86_64

I'm pretty sure it pulls the "x86_64_ part from the "uname -m" command 
in a script, so you might be able to fake it out and tell it that you're 
running i686 instead.

The installation developer can make a symlink from x86_64 to x86 in the 
setup.data/bin/Linux directory.

If they used a really really new version of loki_setup, you might be 
able to run the installer with "-arch x86" to work around it.

> Please contact Loki Technical Support at support at lokigames.com

That should probably get changed.  :)


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