Problem with Installing LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English in Linux

Behnam B.Marandi blixbox at
Wed Oct 3 17:31:42 EDT 2007

Dear Lokisetup List


I'm trying to install LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English but
every time I try to install it I got this message from installer:

"Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing .............................
This installation doesn't support glibc-2.0 on Linux / x86_64

Please contact Loki Technical Support at support at
The program returned an error code (1)"

My GNU/Linux distribution is a Debian based distro with testing
repositories and I did install libgtk1.2 but problem still persists.

My system architecture is amd64 and one of my friends did install LDOCE
with same distro in same architecture with no problem.

Maybe there are some package install on my system which stop installer.

Any advice?


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