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Peter Mulholland pm at
Thu Sep 21 05:39:13 EDT 2006

Hello lokisetup,

Just tried to build the Mac version to evaluate it.  I installed
libxml via Fink (even though 10.3 and 10.4 apparently ship with
libxml2 anyway) as suggested in the README.carbon file.

However, during ./configure I get:

configure: WARNING: libintl.h accepted by the compiler, rejected by
the preprocessor!

and while doing make setup.carbon I get:

powerpc-apple-darwin8-gcc-4.01: /sw/lib/libiconv.a: No such file or

which figures as when I ls /sw/lib there is no libintl.a, only a
dylib. I tried fink install libiconv but got "No packages to install"

Any suggestions? Would it be possible to install libintl on OS X
without Fink, and then build using the OS X shipping dylibs for
libxml2 ?

I have quickly bodged it by editing the Makefile to link with -liconv
instead, but this would mean having to mess about putting the
libiconv.2.dylib in the app bundle

Best regards,
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