[lokisetup] development status

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Sep 20 20:36:22 EDT 2006

> There is no particular roadmap, except a vague needed rewrite of the 
> user interface code to allow for better separation. Right now it is not 
> very clean, but at least it works for what we need it for. The installer 
> is used by a lot of big names. Off the top of my head : Google, nVidia, 
> all Loki games, Codeweavers, pretty much anything that comes out of 
> icculus.org, Codehost, and more.

To flesh out the "anything that comes out of icculus.org" part:

A lot of our open source stuff uses it, but I also use it on my 
commercial endeavors: Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004 (and 2007, next 
year) use it, Google Earth uses it, America's Army uses it, Serious Sam, 
Postal 2, Lugaru, Devastation...

The Mac port of loki_setup sees lots of movement, too: Shrek 2, 
Spider-Man 2, the Unreal Tournament games, Tron 2.0, Indiana Jones, 
Cars, Facade, ArmyOps, etc...most of this is using the Linux codebase 
with a Mac GUI, so while we're explicitly discussing Linux, I mention it 
because it adds to the head count using largely the same program.

As several of these are freely downloadable, just my own Linux titles 
have easily seen over a million users of the installer, and maybe quite 
a bit more. I only have numbers for a few of the titles and still feel 
confident that my estimate is quite conservative, even before taking 
into account Mac titles on retail shelves.

It has gone a long way to help put a "professional" face on 
installation, since it's got a decent GUI interface, and doesn't have to 
get into the Linux package manager politics that RPM, deb, etc do. I 
haven't had any issues specific to a distribution in, well, ever, with 

As someone else said, it has its warts, but it's pretty good overall. 
There isn't heavy development at this point, since it basically works as 
advertised now, but as we find a specific need, we add patches:



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