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Peter Mulholland pm at rune-soft.com
Tue Sep 19 21:31:03 EDT 2006

Hello Michael,

Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 9:00:05 PM, you wrote:

> My name is Michael Leibowitz and I am currently doing research on
> third-party packaging systems for Linux.  I have come across the loki
> installer in both searches as well as from conversations with other
> packaging system developers.  The loki installer is interesting to me
> because it has in the past and currently has some ISV traction.
> However, I was curious how much life the project has after loki.  What
> is envisioned as the future of the project?  Is there a roadmap?  Is it
> known who is using the loki installer?  Thank you for your time.

We at Runesoft have used it, and plan to keep using it, for all Linux
game titles that we ship. The reason for this is simple, it is the
"standard", mostly set by the likes of EPIC Megagames (Unreal
Tournament) and of course Loki Software themselves, for installing
games on Linux.

There are many different packaging systems for Linux but the point is,
none of them are agreed on, cross-distro (without LOTS of messing
about) nor self-contained. This is exactly what is needed when you're
shipping a commercial game for Linux.

It has it's warts but overall, it's good and it works.

Best regards,
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