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Leibowitz, Michael michael.leibowitz at
Tue Oct 24 01:42:19 EDT 2006

I have been researching the current state and possible solutions to the
problem of third-party packaging on Linux.  What I mean by third-party
packages, is packages that are not supplied by the distro and are
designed to work on multiple distros.  At the present moment, it seems
that there is no equally palatable solution to distros, vendors, and
users.  I have started a discussion on the lsb-discuss mailing list of
possible solutions to the problem, as well as a discussion of the
current state of affairs.  If you are interested in joining this
discussion, please join the conversation there.  Additionally, there
will be an FSG packaging summit in Berlin on Dec 5 where future
directions for third-party packaging ideas are discussed. 
The original post to lsb-discuss can be found here:

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