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Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu May 18 09:29:17 EDT 2006

> Hmm.  I've got one going now where I fall back to console mode
> (I include 32 bit gtk2, 64 bit gtk2, and then fall back to console).
> And console mode is showing it's lack of love :-/.   (Of course,
> I'm horribly guilty - every time a bug shows up in console mode,
> I focus instead on figuring out why the gtk2 installer didn't
> run <grin>).

The lack of love and generally assiness of the console installer is why 
we're just shipping gtk1 and gtk2 now (although just 32-bit x86 in this 
case). We originally had it fall back through all three, but we're 
having the same experience you are...there're just too many places where 
things work differently, or don't work well, or never got updated to 
match gtk_ui. It's kind of a liability to ship it, I think.

My hope is that, with gtk1/libxml1 statically linked into the fallback 
binary, the only external dependencies are the C runtime and Xlib...and 
if these don't work, the thing we're installing won't either.   :)

Removing the console version (statically linked to libxml/zlib) saves us 
350k on the compressed download size, too.

> Question - are you finding that the gtk1 support works pretty
> reliably on 64 bit installs?

I hadn't heard any reports on other titles of it not working, but I'll 
make sure to add it to the testing TODO. However, I'm building the 
loki_setup sources from a custom script to get it to build all the bits 
with the right GTK1/GTK2 dependencies. I noticed we link a lot of 
unnecessary crap into the app with the ./configure script (libdialog.a 
in the gtk build/whatever libutil is/etc). Maybe that's causing the 
issue? I've attached the script if you want to peruse or steal it.  :)

I _have_ noticed that Postal 2 installs the "uninstall" program in an 
"x86" dir, and then can't find it when the uninstall script needs to run 
it unless you have previously set up a symlink by hand...I'm not sure if 
that's been fixed in the past years. I can't remember the details, but I 
got bit by that at some point. But its gtk1 installer otherwise _does_ 
run on amd64 distros.


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