Need help with <exclusive>.

Gerhard Burger lat at
Sun Mar 26 06:59:30 EST 2006


I'm using the <exclusive>-tag so only one option of a component with
different possible options is installed. But I can't get it right.

When I select the second or third option I cannot install the component
again. If I select the first option it is still possible. I tried to
rearrange the options to test if the option is faulty but the same error
with the (different) 1.option occures.

I uploaded the setup.xml (
) and the loki_file of the installed games ( ).
It's an plugin installer where a few plugins have more than one
possibility to install it. E.g. the plugin "Potions". It is installed
but it's still selectable if I install the first options.

Is there something I've to take care of?


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