GTK+ 2.0 support included

Stéphane Peter megastep at
Tue Mar 7 15:43:49 EST 2006

I have just finished the groundwork for full GTK2 support in Setup,  
improving on the patches that were sent previously.
Most notably, both setupdb and setup are now able to switch to  
libxml2 (which is enabled in setup automatically when enabling GTK2  
support). I cleaned up the Glade files quite a lot, and created GTK2  
versions of loki_uninstall and the check program as well. It was  
surprisingly easy to do. I have cleaned up a few more things in the  
gtk code to make it more portable, but it seems to be essentially  
working at the moment. Does anybody know of a tool to convert Glade  
1.x files to Glade 2.x ?

Yesterday I have also added support for SELinux context attributes  
for files, in case installing binaries causes problems with the  
default security contexts and SELinux in enforcing mode. Probably not  
a big problem at all for games and the like, but since I use it to  
install print filters it was a useful feature for me. ;)

Stéphane Peter
megastep at

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