Non-interactive installation

Denver Gingerich dyzchyd at
Fri Aug 18 18:39:28 EDT 2006

I'm wondering if it's possible to pass a flag to
Loki or to place an option in the Loki XML file
that will tell Loki to go through all the motions
of installation without user input of any sort. 
I've looked through the code to see if there was
anything that might help me out and I did find a
couple things:

1. The reinstallfast option appears to provide a
non-interactive ability to Loki (added in a
commit occuring at May 18 12:25:06 2006 UTC; rev
1.87 of main.c), but it only provides that
ability if the installation type is a reinstall. 
I want to be able to have a non-interactive
install, not just a non-interactive reinstall. 
Also, I'm using a Loki setup binary built back in
November 2004, which would not include the
reinstallfast option.  I'd rather leave the
binary as-is.

2. The usage string (ie. what's printed when you
give Loki an invalidate command-line parameter)
states that the -o option enables non-interactive
operation.  However, it is unclear to me how
using the -o option enables non-interactive
operation, if it can, in fact, do that.  Am I
missing something here?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks for your


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