Loki Setup ; installation problems -- Please Help

Ram vshrirama at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 00:34:19 EDT 2005

I am using loki setup and i have given a tar file which contains
1000's of binaries as an argument to <files>mytarfile.tar.gz</file>

When i try to install i get the following messages and the file (which
appears in the warning messages) dont get installed.

Tar: 'bootloader/tools-3.2.2/arm-linux/bin/g++' is unknown file type: 1

I get messages like the above many times.

I tried with both .tar.gz format and .tar.bz2 format and i get
messages like above.

I dont think there is a problem with the tar files as they work
properly when i invoke them as a shell command.
   tar -xvzf mytarfile.tar.gz  works file on my system.

I cant specify the files to be installed as the number of files run
into thousands and i cant put them all in a cd. only way i can put
them is compress them and put it.

How do i resolve this problem.


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