[lokisetup] Patches: inline 'binaries', feature requirements, tmp file fix

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Mon Sep 20 21:54:01 EDT 2004

OK, I merged the last two patches. The binary inline one I'm a bit  
nervous about it so I'll do some more cross-examination before I  
include it. What is the rationale for having it this way as opposed to  
individual files ?

I like the feature thing though. I'll probably add more feature strings  
for things we've added recently.

On Sep 19, 2004, at 2:40 PM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:

> Hi,
> loki_setup-binaryinline.diff - New attribute 'inline' for 'binary'
> 	elements. Can be used to put start scripts directly in the
> 	xml file. It's kind of a hack, it first saves the content to
> 	a file an then calls the normal copy_file() to do the job.
> loki_setup-feature.diff - Allows to specify features that the
> 	installer must have to be able to install the xml file.
> loki_uninstall-tmpfix.diff - loki-uninstall appends error messages
> 	to /tmp/uninstall.log. No idea what's that good for except
> 	for inviting someone to place an evil symlink.
> cu
> Ludwig
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> <loki_setup-binaryinline.diff><loki_setup- 
> feature.diff><loki_uninstall-tmpfix.diff>
Stéphane Peter
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