[lokisetup] makeself compression and hidden files

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at gmx.de
Thu Nov 11 08:27:12 EST 2004

Stephane Peter wrote:
> I guess the main reason I didn't bother with this was with the 
> potentially dangerous reference to the .. directory. I guess your 
> regular expression would take care of that, assuming of course it is 
> portable, which I believe it is.

.[^.]* expands to '.[^.]*' if no dot file exists i.e. you will get
an error from tar. You can make it expand to nothing with "shopt -s
nullglob" but that might be bash specific. Alternative would be to
just use . instead of any wildcard. Filenames in the archive look a
bit different then (start with ./) but otherwise the result is the


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