uninstall problems

Daniel Aleksandrow dandandaman at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Nov 2 02:25:26 EST 2004

Hello again, this should be my last problem....

We intend to keep the distribution of the (optional) music seperate, as
it's a good 60 MB extra data.

But I found that when I install the Base, and then Music, uninstall
didn't work, saying that it couldn't find the package.

Amazingly (and the reason there is no error message), when I went to run
it again today, to get the message, it uninstalled fine.

Apart from that though, when I uninstall it always says that it is
uninstalling the first component that was installed (but uninstalls the
whole product) .... is this meant to happen?

I just thought I'd bring it up, I tried again and couldn't replicate it

In case it was brought up by incorrect configuration of the .xml files,
could someone just look over these quickly and look for any bad things?

They are designed to be seperately packaged makeself scripts.

I'd really appreciate it :-)


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