[lokisetup] [PATCH]<<3 suffix and productdir attributes, zip fixes, ui changes

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Mon Nov 1 23:07:36 EST 2004

OK, I just committed most of these patches, to the exception of the  
binary inline script patches.
The reason I haven't merged them yet is that I want to make some slight  
changes to them, especially I'd like to change the name of the tmpdir()  
function that you added. It may conflict with some other libraries...

On Oct 31, 2004, at 5:53 AM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:

> Hi,
> If you want one patch per mail just say so :-)
> loki_setup-noinlinescripts.diff
> 	- loki-setup doesn't actually have the inline scripts
> 	  feature
> loki_setup-binaryinline.diff
> 	- this one adds it
> loki_setup-uiupdatefunc.diff
> 	- add a typedef for the ui update function to make code more
> 	  readable
> loki_setup-forceplugin.diff
> 	- add a suffix attribute to the files element to make
> 	  loki-setup assume the files are of the specified type.
> 	  Useful for example if you have a .exe sfx zip archive and
> 	  want it to be unpacked rather ran copied.
> loki_setup-zipfix.diff
> 	- I found a zip file which has additional zeroes at the end
> 	  of the central directory, probably some padding. The
> 	  condition (pos + 22 + ui16) != len isn't fulfilled because
> 	  of that.
> 	- change debug message to tell the code line where the io
> 	  error happened
> 	- create directories with mode 0755 rather than 0700 which
> 	  doesn't make sense
> loki_setup-productchdir.diff
> 	- add productdir attribute for meta installers to optionally make
> 	  loki-setup change the directory before executing the new
> 	  installer.
> loki_setup-nogreybutton.diff
> 	- don't grey out the 'install' button as that confuses
> 	  users because they have to guess the reason why it's
> 	  greyed out. I.e. locate the small status message and draw
> 	  a conclusion from that. Instead show a popup window
> 	  explaining what's wrong and if possible also give a hint
> 	  how to solve it ("/usr/local/games is owned by root. You
> 	  may need to run this installer as user root or choose
> 	  another directory."). Requires new translations. I also
> 	  changed "Link path" to "Binary path" in the glade file.
> 	  All messages refer to "Binary path" but no such thing is
> 	  in the UI.
> loki_setupdb-closeproduct.diff
> 	- save xml to a temporary file and then atomically rename it
> 	  to prevent corruption if loki-setup crashes while writing
> 	  the file. Yeah, that crash which corrupted my ut2004 xml
> 	  file was my own fault but still this patch makes things
> 	  more robust :-)
> cu
> Ludwig
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> (o_  Ludwig.Nussel at gmx.de
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> <loki_setup-noinlinescripts.diff><loki_setup- 
> binaryinline.diff><loki_setup-uiupdatefunc.diff><loki_setup- 
> forceplugin.diff><loki_setup-zipfix.diff><loki_setup- 
> productchdir.diff><loki_setup-nogreybutton.diff><loki_setupdb- 
> closeproduct.diff>
Stéphane Peter
megastep at megastep.org

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