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Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at gmx.de
Wed Mar 3 14:45:52 EST 2004

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > IMHO the installer is the wrong place for prompting for a CD key.
> > The CD key belongs to a specific user and should therefore be stored
> > in $HOME, not globally. Since the game has to validate the key
> > anyway, it can also prompt the user to (re)enter one if it's missing
> > or invalid.
> I disagree; I've never seen a program on a desktop system that demands
> each user own a CD key. I'm sure they exist, but they would have to be
> the exception.

Well, Quake3. Ok, it is indeed an exceptional game :-)

> Secondly, I don't control most of the software I install with
> loki_setup, so if the Windows program doesn't ask for a CD key, neither
> does the linux port.

You could move the code you put into loki setup into a separate
binary that is called first from within the ut2004 startscript.

> And, the practical matter: we _want_ the cdkey seperate from the game.
> It wouldn't be hard to make an Unreal mod to mock up any UI we'd put in
> the game to prompt for a key, and then you could have a very large key
> heist fairly trivially. Keeping the key installation clearly seperate
> helps prevent this.

The mod could prompt for a CD key anyway and noone would become
suspicious. Mods also tend to have their own installers nowadays so
stealing the cd key or anything else is even more easy.


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