Gnome 2.0...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Mon Mar 1 03:14:58 EST 2004

Okay, I'm not nuts, Gnome menu installation is just straightup hosed in
loki_setup, at least for gnome 2.0.

The installation of the item itself appears to be correct, but now you
need to update an XML file to get Gnome to notice it, which is lame as

Also, manually entered menu items (added by right-clicking the menu,
etc) have the current date in seconds appended to it:


This is because items are sorted alphabetically per-folder, so if this
convention is followed, it will force all items to sort into order of
item creation, but this isn't required.
I have no intention of fixing this, since picking through the XML file
is likely to be a pain in the butt, but if someone else could do so in
the next few days, I'd love to have Gnome 2.0 support in the installer
on the ut2004 discs.


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