[lokisetup] RPM support??

Derek R. Gaston drgasto at sandia.gov
Thu Jul 29 19:26:19 EDT 2004


Thanks for the quick reply.

Any advice then on how to do the manual extraction?  I think I am just 
going to manipulate the RPMs using a script then (but that's not as much 
fun ;-).....

I already know that I'm going to have to build RPM for the other non-RPM 
systems.... (basically as I continue on this project I am just building 
a complete GNU system that's going to ship with our product ;-)

It's unfortunate - but people here at my job have standardised on RPM 
distribution for our in house product - so I HAVE to do _something_ with 
them..... sigh.

Thanks again,

Stephane Peter wrote:

> The RPM support is almost obsolete... This code has not been touched 
> in  years and probably doesn't work well with recent versions of RPM 4.
> In theory we are able to extract RPM archives manually on non-rpm  
> systems but still need to link with the RPM library so we are able to  
> skip the headers (the rest is  a compressed cpio archive).
> I'm not surprised it wouldn't compile on a modern system. I welcome 
> any  patches but I doubt this support is really useful these days...
> On Jul 29, 2004, at 4:05 PM, Derek R. Gaston wrote:
>> Has anyone tried using the RPM support lately??  I can't quite get 
>> it  to compile.
>> I am running configure like:
>> ./configure --enable-bzip2 --enable-rpm4
>> I'm on a standard Redhat9 install (with EVERYTHING installed) and 
>> I'm  getting this error when running "make":
>> ------------------------------------
>> gcc  -o setup log.o install_log.o detect.o plugins.o network.o  
>> install.o copy.o file.o loki_launchurl.o main.o  console_ui.o  
>> dialog_ui.o plugins/libplugins.a  dialog/libdialog.a  
>> /home/drgasto/projects/sntools/poly_wanna_cracker/sntools/installer/ 
>> sntools_install/loki_src/loki_setup/../loki_setupdb/x86/libsetupdb.a   
>> -L/usr/local/lib -lutil  /usr/lib/libxml.a -Wl,-Bstatic -lrpm 
>> -lrpmio  -lrpmdb -ldb1 -ldb-3.1 -lpopt -Wl,-Bstatic -lbz2 -lz -lm  
>> -lncurses  -lgpm -Wl,-Bdynamic
>> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ldb1
>> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>> gmake: *** [setup] Error 1
>> ------------------------------------
>> I have checked for libdb1 with:
>> ------------------------
>> bash-2.05b$ locate libdb1
>> /usr/lib/libdb1.so.2
>> ---------------------
>> And it appears to be there - so why can't the linker find it?
>> Further - is there any chance of this working on any other platforms  
>> besides linux?  I noticed that libdb1 is actually installed using a  
>> gnome package - which doesn't give me very much hope (I have to use  
>> this on AIX, IRIX, DEC and Solaris).
>> Anyone out there wanna help?
>> Thanks!
>> Derek
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> Stéphane Peter
> megastep at megastep.org

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