[lokisetup] setup v2 (was lokisetup for dummies)

Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Sun Jan 4 14:57:24 EST 2004

On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 10:46:39AM +0000, Adam D. Moss wrote:
> >If we're statically linking GTK+, then it really might be worth writing
> >some extremely minimalistic toolkit if it'll save a megabyte, but that
> >might be going too far once the actual link size is evaluated.
> I'm sure that some pretty minimal statically-linkable toolkits
> came out of the pre-gtk/qt chaos and could be dusted off.  FLTK
> comes to mind (or hey, how about crufty crummy old Xaw -- ugly, but
> probably safe to leave dynamically-linked).

Personally, I think that Less/Motif would be a better bet if we're
gonna drop pretty stuff altogether, but FLTK is only about 50k,
iirc... Bleargh. I really think that in the end there oughta be a
choice of UI bits, as there will be many, many cases where GTK is
simply the way to go.

Gary (-;

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