[lokisetup] Man page support in CVS

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at gmx.de
Thu Feb 19 16:04:50 EST 2004

Stephane Peter wrote:
> I just added preliminary basic support to install man pages with Setup.
> This is done by using a new <manpage> tag, as documented in the
> README.xml file in CVS.
> The man pages have to be structured in a way similar to what we do for
> binaries. They will be copied in the installation directory and
> symlinked to in a global man directory of the user's choice.
> Feedback / suggestions / bug reports, feel free to contact me :)

I'd add a checkbox above the manpage combobox (like the one for the
binary symlink) and grey it out by default if none of $MANPATH is

The default manpage directory on Linux is /usr/share/man, not


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