[lokisetup] Memory leak fixes in setupdb and setup

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Apr 30 03:25:35 EDT 2004

> Anyway, if you notice any weirdness in the current CVS snapshot, please 
> let me know.

Ugh, just hit another bug in copy.c...look for the call to
add_bin_entry()...we free "symlink", but add_bin_entry stores the
pointer from libxml, so you dereference free()'d memory on the "Type
'%s' to start the game" message.

How much memory does libxml leak in the worst case? A few bytes per XML
tag/attribute? I'm inclined to suggest you back out the change and let
it leak, since this is just going to cause a lot of subtle bugs.

Alternately, these are the sort of things valgrind should find...funny
that valgrind spurred this change in the first place.  :)


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