[lokisetup] UTSF 1.81 linux Installer permission probs

Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Mon May 12 18:12:18 EDT 2003

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 06:05:41PM -0400, Rellic2K wrote:
> Hey All;
> 	I believe I have made an installer for UT SF 1.81, only problem is when I run 
> the installer as ROOT, I don't have permissions. If I run it as the USER, 
> myself, it works fine. Do I have to be root when archiving all the files to a 
> tar.gz format ? Secondly, how do I go about creating the .bin/.run files so 
> that I don't have a bunch of files still kicking around ? Cheers and Keep up 
> the excellent work.

Hmmm. OK:
1) Are you running the installer from your home dir, and is that
mounted over NFS?

2) If you have SF set up in setup as an addon to UT, are you trying to
run the installer as the same user as the one that instaleld UT?

This is all assuming you're using loki_setup [pull the cvs from
cvs.icculus.org]. If you're not, you should be. And if you are, just
look in the "makeself" directory in the loki_setup directory.

Gary (-;

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