[lokisetup] more menuitem voodoo

Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Sat Apr 5 20:19:53 EST 2003

On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 08:13:27PM -0500, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > Is .install an "official" type for executable files on any desktop ? If
> > you are talking about .run files, then the big issue is that all these
> > "magical" detections of the file type often end up being a problem
> > because of the binary nature of these files... If .install is not
> > already supported, then why not use .run as a new MIME type ?
> This is true.  One advantage of using somethign more descriptive than
> .run tho is the idea of a globally installed installation engine, so the
> logic for using/launching that can also be locally installed (so it can
> be installed anywhere on the system, and the mime handler/launcher knows
> where to look) versus making the install script have to handle that as
> well.

Lovely idea, but makeself, setup, and friends aren't only being used
for games; by way of example, one software licensing system I've worked on
actually distributed the licenses in .run files, that just required
some extra voodoo/parameters when you execute them.

There's simply no way to produce an all-inclusive installer system for
all the possible variants on .run files.

Witness also, now I come to think of it,  the latest nvidia drivers (=

You're also requiring extra software to be installed so that someone
can run an installer. Which is one of the reasons for makeself
archives being like they are in the first place...

Gary (-;

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