[lokisetup] more menuitem voodoo

Sean Middleditch elanthis at awesomeplay.com
Sat Apr 5 20:13:27 EST 2003

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 20:03, Stéphane Peter wrote:

> > Of course, this might be a solved problem already.  Winex has pretty good 
> > menuitem code, but they might just be carpet-bombing all the directories.  
> > What we need is a "libmenuitem" project :)
> It would solve a lot of these problems. For instance, Mandrake (and
> Debian, since they took it from them) has a unified way to update menu
> items for all desktops and window managers. We already support this, but
> this is still far from universal.

Both of their systems, I hope, convert to the new standard.

> > That would be nice.  On my kde system, it knows the installer file is a shell 
> > script but still refuses to execute it unless the executable bit is set.  
> Is .install an "official" type for executable files on any desktop ? If
> you are talking about .run files, then the big issue is that all these
> "magical" detections of the file type often end up being a problem
> because of the binary nature of these files... If .install is not
> already supported, then why not use .run as a new MIME type ?

This is true.  One advantage of using somethign more descriptive than
.run tho is the idea of a globally installed installation engine, so the
logic for using/launching that can also be locally installed (so it can
be installed anywhere on the system, and the mime handler/launcher knows
where to look) versus making the install script have to handle that as

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