[lokisetup] more menuitem voodoo

John Quigley jmquigs at bigfoot.com
Sat Apr 5 18:58:31 EST 2003

> Dropping modern .desktop files in /usr/share/applications works for both
> GNOME2 and KDE(3?), as it's part of the new FreeDesktop.org standards.
> I haven't followed Setup development lately, so forgive if this is a
> dumb question - you guys *are* keeping up to date with those standards
> where possible, yes?

I did some work for rh8 a few months ago which supports part of the 
freedesktop standard, but it isn't generalized enough.  Really the menuitem 
code needs a good rewrite, to take advantage of the new standards and 
fallback to older specialized setups as needed.  Volunteers?  :)

Of course, this might be a solved problem already.  Winex has pretty good 
menuitem code, but they might just be carpet-bombing all the directories.  
What we need is a "libmenuitem" project :)

> Another thing Setup might want is to have the installer use a suffix
> like .install or something.  Then, GNOME/KDE can drop a MIME item for
> .install telling it to invoke it with /bin/sh or whatnot, even without
> the executable bit set, so download-and-install in graphical
> environments doesn't require low-level UNIX permissions knowledge.  Just
> download, and click.  ^,^

That would be nice.  On my kde system, it knows the installer file is a shell 
script but still refuses to execute it unless the executable bit is set.  

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