More setup patches

Stéphane Peter megastep at
Sat Oct 19 03:41:21 EDT 2002

I just committed a bunch of patches from my own tree on
What's new :

Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Thu Sep 26 18:38:02 PDT 2002
 * Added 'tag' tag for <option>, and have SETUP_OPTIONTAGS environment
   variable in scripts to be able to determine the set of user options.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Wed Oct  9 17:46:25 PDT 2002
 * Preliminary AIX 5.1 port
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Fri Oct 18 16:26:18 PDT 2002
 * Deprecated 'nobinaries' tag.

Additionally to that, there are a few bug fixes, as well as some build

The AIX port is mostly complete, although xsu seems to be partly broken
on this Unix.

Stephane Peter
Sr. Software Engineer
Codehost, Inc.

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