per-option EULA/License prompt patch

Timothee Besset ttimo at
Mon Mar 11 13:01:04 EST 2002

Attached is a patch that adds License prompting per-option. i.e. I
distribute a general setup, with it's <eula> node, which needs to be
agreed with before doing anything else, then I have additional/optional
options that have their own licensing prompt (the license must be agreed
with for the option to be turned on)

This is done simply by adding a <eula> node inside the <option> node. The
Gtk and text (dialog_ui.c) installations are supported.

patch -p0 < option-eula.patch

This patch was built against the branched version of loki_setup, on which
I have xsu support. But I checked that it could be applied to the current tree without trouble. Let me know if there's anything. I'm not
sure this is suitable for direct inclusion in the main tree, maybe that's
something to keep with the list of patches.

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