[lokisetup] text installs with components are broken

Stéphane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Sun Mar 10 23:47:42 EST 2002

As TTimo was saying, we should probably keep these big structural
changes for a 2.0 version. In the meantime, the segfault is of course a
problem but we can easily track it down and fix it for the next release.
This is one of the aspects I haven't tested yet with the new
dialog-based UI, so it doesn't surprise me that it crashes :(

I agree that a lot of setup's code is now a mess; most of this program
was done without real design (evolved slowly from the original Myth 2
installer), and I think the XML file format should also be (slightly)
changed for version 2.0. Restructuring the UI API as well as cleaning up
all this code should be done eventually...

le dim 10-03-2002 à 11:41, Ryan C. Gordon a écrit :
> > As I had discussed with Stephane some time ago, I am adding some code to
> > use per-component eula items. The problem is that in 1.6.1 it looks like
> > the text mode installation will fail if there are components (segfaults).
> > I'm not sure wether I'm gonna try to look it up, or implement that
> > directly at option level instead of component.
> Obviously, as a segfault, we should fix this, but I think that we should
> start discussing how to decouple the interface from the implementation. I
> feel like gtk_ui and the text-based ui are actually separate applications
> that kinda-sorta-not-really do the same thing. Ideally there should be
> interface-independent code that does the install stuff, and calls into the
> front ends to interact with the user.
> This would also let us get a Qt front end on there eventually, or a win32
> version, blahblahblah.
> --ryan.
Stephane Peter
Software Engineer
Codehost, Inc.

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