[lokisetup] more on bz2

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sat Feb 23 15:16:14 EST 2002

> heh .. what is your 'Virtual Build Box' :-)

I've got a system that generates binaries that work universally
(regardless of glibc version, etc), which I use to make "blessed" binary

It runs inside a vmWare virtual machine, so that I don't have to devote an
entire computer to the intricate setup involved, and so that it is easy to
distribute to others that could benefit from it.

It you want it, it's a 250 meg download that uncompresses to about 1.5
gigs (and the virtual disk can expand with usage up to around 4 gigs). It
needs vmWare 3 to run, and the kernel in the virtual machine expects a
Pentium III (but that can be recompiled for something else).

Alternately, I can send you the system CHANGELOG i've been keeping, so
you can get an idea of what it took to put the VBB together.

> #if defined(HAVE_BZIP2_SUPPORT)
>   [snip]
> #else
>   #define BZOPEN gzopen
>   #define BZDOPEN gzdopen
>   #define BZREAD gzread
>   #define BZWRITE gzwrite
>   #define BZERROR gzerror
>   #define BZCLOSE gzclose
> #endif

I'll update the configure.in script, but there's already gzip support
elsewhere, so at best, this is redundant.


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