[lokisetup] quick Q about brandelf usage

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sat Feb 23 14:53:30 EST 2002

> Hmm, I think setup.gtk needs it too. It probably doesn't do it by
> default in case you have access to a BSD box to compile it on. (I don't
> think it was intended to have the symlinking hack)

Right now I'm wondering if FreeBSD's binary compatibility layer has gotten
smarter, since I forgot to brandelf the candycruncher beta1 binaries, and
no one testing on FreeBSD complained about having to BrandElf the binaries
(but they DID mention needing to symlink the Linux dir to get setup to

Why on earth does Linux's devtools build binaries with an ELF header for a
different operating system? If this flagged them as Linux binaries (which
would make sense, y'know), then brandelf wouldn't be needed at all.


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