[lokisetup] [candybeta] install options (fwd)

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Feb 15 18:18:08 EST 2002

> I thought it was supposed to sort out already what entries are writable
> to by the installing user. I believe the check entails all parent
> directories, and tries to see if the user would be able to create the
> installation directory.

Yeah, I dunno what he was talking about there, except I can see that being
non-intuitive if you aren't expecting it. Disregard that part.

> That would be quite simple to do. GTK has a file selection widget...
> dialog may have one too, I am not sure.

I'll take a look at dialog and report back. I don't think it does, but it
wouldn't be terribly hard to put something together, I assume.


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