licensing question

John Quigley jmquigs at
Fri Dec 13 18:53:18 EST 2002

This isn't really setup related but I figure the folks around here have 
run in to this issue, so...

I'm going to distribute a game that links with sdl and openal, which are 
LGPL libraries.  I'm going to distribute the .so files so that users 
don't need to have them installed.  (And so 
that by default they are using my libraries which I know work).  However I 
am not modifying the source for those libraries.

The question is, do I need to distribute the source for them as well?  I 
_think_ that the LGPL says that I do, because I'm distributing a copy of 
the library therefore I need to distribute source.

A similar issue applies to setup/update, since they are GPLed, I suppose I 
should distribute source for them even if I'm using unmodified source.

This is an issue for me because the game is download only and distributing 
source for sdl, openal, and setup/update adds several megs to the download 

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