[lokisetup] PhysicsFS + setup? (or something similar)

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Aug 23 06:46:01 EDT 2002

> Sure, I'd be glad to accept a patch. I never really had a need for it,
> and also I don't think there is something like libz for Zip archives,
> which makes the task a bit harder.

I'm about halfway through this...lots of cut-and-paste from PhysicsFS.
There's no zipfile-specific library I'm aware of, but all the zip code
I've ever seen (including mine) is dependant on zlib, fyi.

> Maybe what we need is some kind of generic plugin that interfaces with
> any compression command (unrar, lha, etc).

No good; they all have different user output, etc.


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