Stéphane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Mon Apr 1 02:19:24 EST 2002

Well I looked at TTimo's patch to include xsu support in setup, and I
liked it. However after checking out xsu by myself I was pretty
horrified to see all the dependencies it had on various GNOME libraries,
making it very impractical to use in a lightweight, portable

So over the past couple of days, I took the xsu 0.2.3 sources, and
rewrote most of it to depend only on the core GTK libraries. No more ZVT
crap, or any GNOME stuff, while retaining the same functionality.
Calling forkpty() is a lot easier and more portable than relying on the
Gnome ZVT widget. I also added proper i18n support, so that the strings
can be localized.

So my version of xsu is inherently quite different (and I believe,
better) than TTimo's branch. However I kept his modified setup.sh script
that takes advantage of xsu.

All these changes are now in my private setup branch, that I have synced
with icculus.org's branch as well. Other notable changes include a port
to Solaris.

I'll probably dump my source tree to the icculus.org CVS soon, unless
the new Codehost web site gets ready quickly. Just a heads up though
:-). If anybody wants a source dump, just let me know...

Stephane Peter
Software Engineer
Codehost, Inc.

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