[jugglemaster] Moving JuggleMaster to github and new jmlib version

josx josx at interorganic.com.ar
Thu May 12 08:42:19 EDT 2011

On Miércoles 11 Mayo 2011 02:56:11 Per Johan Groland escribió:
> Hi again,
> The conversion is done!
> The new jugglemaster repository is now available here:
> https://github.com/perjg/jugglemaster
> I tagged the old trunk with jmlib-release-0.4, then merged all my work to
> master and tagged that as jmlib-release-0.5. That means that any future
> work will be towards jmlib-release-0.6.
> Send me a private mail to get added as a collaborator. (I already added
> chunky).
> Gary: Could you update http://icculus.org/jugglemaster/ to list github
> instead of icculus?
> -Per

I have download the version

BTW I cant compile jmdlx because unicode support on Wx

I am compiling with gcc in debian gnu/linux, this kind of error:
conversion from `const char[12]' to `const wxString' is ambiguous

Check Here:

In debian they have a patch to solve this, but with old version:


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