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I've written a new more general readme, which will cater for all the
different ports that will (hopefully) be added to the CVS.

Please have a look and change and update things as you see fit.

PS: I'm ready to add the Pocket PC version to CVS as soon as I get
a user name.



JuggleMaster is a juggling siteswap animator. It can animate any valid
siteswap, and has a large library of patterns included.

If you want to learn siteswap, check out

JuggleMaster was originally written in C by Ken Matsuoka for DOS. It was
ported to C++ as a platform independent library (called jmlib) by Per Johan
Groland, who also ported it to Palm OS and Pocket PC. It was later ported
to wxWidgets by Gary ??? (which allows it to run on a variety of platforms
including Linux, Windows and MacOS).

The platforms currently available:

JMDlx        wxWidgets
JMPocket     Pocket PC
JMPalm       Palm OS (no open-source version
AAJM         aalib

The weblinks above will direct you to the proper sites to download
binaries for the various platforms. For the source code, go to

In the "docs" dir, you'll find Ken Matsuoka's original README, and Isaac
Orr's readme from the Java version [which has a better description of
how to edit the pattern files].


Build instructions and requirements vary between the different platforms.


To build, just go into the src/jmdlx dir and type "make". It creates a
binary "jmdlx". Run it. You need wxWidgets, available from

To build it on Windows using Visual Studio, you need to set up the
project file yourself. The wxWidgets home page includes instructions.
If you don't have Visual Studio, either work it out yourself, or extract and use the excellent DevC++ from

To build on OSX, go into src/jmdlx and type "make osx". It'll create right there.

If you don't have and in the current dir when
you run it, it attempts to download them and save them to a suitable
dir. You'll find copies in the "data" dir, so you can just copy them
across if you want.


To build JMPocket you need Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0 2002 Edition,
available free of charge from Microsofts web page. JMPocket doesn't run
in the Pocket PC 2002 emulator, so you will also need to download the
Pocket PC
2000 SDK. The downloads can all be found at

A properly configured project file is included in src/jmpocket/JMPocket.vcw

JMPocket expects to find the pattern libary in My Documents, and it must be
named either or


<add build instructions here>

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