[jugglemaster] Jugglemaster for Pocket PC (JMPocket)

Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Tue Jun 22 15:20:52 EDT 2004

On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 05:55:45PM +0800, Per Johan Groland wrote:
> >> I'm not familiar with the BSD license, and I seem to remember us
> >> discussing GPL earlier. What is the reason BSD was chosen over
> >> GPL? Also, I don't mean to sound grumpy, but since my copyright
> >> is also on the code, it would be nice to have notified me before
> >> changing the license...
> >
> > Sorry, thought we'd discussed it previously, and you said it'd be ok,
> > so long as Ken was ok with it.
> >
> > I chose bsd since that way it's more compatible with other stuff. GPL,
> > while lovely, is a wee bit prohibitive. I had in mind, for example, the
> > qt-embedded platform [There is already a qt port, it just needs a bit
> > of work, and GPL wouldn't have been terribly friendly with it]
> It's very possible that my memory is bad... I guess BSD is ok, after all
> my intent with writing jmlib in the first place was to get JuggleMaster
> ported to as many platforms as possible.

Yeah :-)

> I'm a bit allergic when it comes to reading license agreements though,
> got any tips on where I can read about the differences between these
> different licenses. Also, does this mean that we'll release everything
> in CVS (for now that would be wxwindows, pocket pc and that ascii
> platform you ported it to (hehe)) as BSD or will there still be separate
> licenses for every port?

Broadly speaking, jmlib is under BSD [the modified one, actually, to
make it GPL compatible], and everything else is under GPL.

LICENSE basically says this.


Uhm. There's probably lots of references out there about what various
licenses are. Modified BSD is permissive enough to let people use it in
non-GPL software.

LGPL is similarly permissive, but can be a grey area, notably consoles,
so I didn't want to use that.

> I've only recently added my email to this mailing list... I hope all new
> platforms in the works will be announced here, I'd like to keep up to
> date.

Well, if I hadn't announced it previously, I'm vaguely working on a
gamecube port, but every time I sit down near the gamecube, I end up
playing Zelda instead. :-)

> > Of course. Be my guest :-)
> > The default should probably remain 630, though, otherwise some of the
> > patterns in the default patterns file won't work.
> Ok, I'll do the reverse of what I asked for then, leaving 630 as the default,
> and 35 balls as an option.

OK Cool :-)

Gary (-;

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