[jugglemaster] Jugglemaster for Pocket PC (JMPocket)

Per Johan Groland per at jugglemaster.net
Tue Jun 22 06:10:58 EDT 2004

>> Is there a cannonical way of initializing random numbers under PalmOS,
>> given that time.h is not available?

My memory is a little sketchy, but there should be a Palm OS API function
for that. As for Pocket PC, I'm pretty sure that it works the same way
as in the standard Win32 API, which means that there is a specific
windows API function for that too.

>> Jmlib does not currenly have any code for saving a random style which
>> has beeen created. It occurs to me that this is something that will also
>> have to be done somewhat abstractly, because the palm pilot does not
>> directly support file IO {does it?}.
>> Are there other parts of the C standard library which are missing on
>> PalmOS, and will need similar abstraction?

File I/O is completely different on Palm OS, yes. It uses its own
database format with its own set of functions. The Palm OS version
(which is based on an older, incompatible, incarnation of jmlib has
its own set of routines for File I/O.) It's possible to do standard file
I/O on newer Palm OS devices, but I think that's limited to things stored
on external memory cards (SD cards etc.).

The pattern parser on Pocket PC is standard FILE* stuff... I guess
you could have used that for wxwindows also :)

> For saving stuff, I strongly sense that it'll be app-dependendant.

Agreed :)

> Feel free to random numbers in whatever other ways are suitable. I've
> no idea how to do it, outside of srand and time  - does PocketPC
> really have no way of getting the time in epoch seconds? That's pretty
> daft :-/

I'll look into it...


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