[jugglemaster] I'm back...

Barton Chittenden tiger at iglou.com
Sat Jun 19 20:36:20 EDT 2004

On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Chunky Kibbles wrote:

>> Still, I don't want the conversation to die entirely :-).
> I've been fixing lots of bugs recently, mostly type-related because of
> jmlib's preoccupation with using typedef'd JML_* types. Grrrr.
> Currently works just fine in linux, but there's a segfault on windows
> that I can't find mostly due to lack of being able to work out how to
> use Bloodshed's debugger... Grrrr.

Seggie's not your friend. ;-)

I'm still a little daunted by the idea of downloading the wx libraries 
over a 28k modem connection ;-). Once I've got those, I'll be more help.


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