[Gtkradiant] Mission statement - declaring current build official

Timothee Besset ttimo at ttimo.net
Thu May 3 10:11:42 EDT 2012

Drop by #radiant IRC on QuakeNet if you can. There's usually someone
around to help.

The pack on SVN looks like it has been converted for GtkR 1.6 already
(a long, long time ago):

Essentially we need someone with Jedi Academy installed (the game),
who can run the recent GtkRadiant 1.6 builds with the JA pack and make
sure everything works. That includes making sure the files are getting
copied correctly to the game folders, and making sure the sample maps
are all compiling correctly (I see the JA pack has a bunch)

Right now we're not including the JA pack in the 1.6 release, we
probably would if we get to the point where someone has been able to
install it, compile test maps and report that everything is working

So all you would need to do, is get the latest 1.6 binaries
(2012/04/22, see http://icculus.org/gtkradiant/downloads.html), copy
the JA pack down next to the other game installs, and run 1.6, make
sure it successfully installs etc.

Let us know :)


On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 10:43 AM, Willi Schinmeyer <willi at schinmeyer.de> wrote:
>  I'd sure like to help with support for Jedi Academy, what exactly am I
> supposed to do?
> This is where I'm at: I've got an old radiant folder under subversion
> control from back when it was on zerowing. Because I've once run scons from
> there I have all the dependencies. (Would the old config scripts even work
> now that zerowing is no longer used?) So I just forked the Github Repo and
> everything builds just fine with MSVC 2008.
> I don't know how the whole setup works though. It seems like config.py is
> supposed to do the bulk of it, but it references no longer existing zerowing
> stuff. I've managed to manually configure my own build from 2011-09-11 (date
> is a coincidence) using config files from 1.4 as reference, but that's not
> how it's supposed to work, is it? Did anything change since then or can I
> just use those configs?
> And just what do you need from me for Jedi Academy support?
> Well, I'll just start by redoing the changes I did on my old branch (it's
> all kinds of messy with the bulk of the changes in a single commit from when
> I realized I had to release the sources as per GPL). Might issue some pull
> requests.
> Willi
> On 30.04.2012 07:19:05, Timothee Besset <ttimo at ttimo.net> wrote:
>> Awesome. Jedi Academy is one of those games I wasn't sure we'd find
>> anyone to back up testing wise. If you want to get us a few updates
>> for it we'll add the support back in.
>> TTimo
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