[Gtkradiant] Bug: Floating windows hide popups

Willi willi at schinmeyer.de
Sun Sep 11 16:12:11 CDT 2011


I've just built the latest version from source on Windows 7 and set it 
up for use with Jedi Academy (here's a link 
<http://mrwonko.de/downloads/download.php?id=28>, in case anyone's 
interested) and I noticed a bug: When using the floating windows layout, 
the floating windows are always in front of other Radiant windows, like 
the Preferences or the Project Settings, when they really should only be 
in front of the main window.

I also don't want to share settings between 1.4 and 1.6, but they both 
use the same project filenames - default_project.proj and userN.proj. 
May I suggest (optionally?) using a different filename like 
zero_userN.proj? (qe3.h:342: PROJECT_TEMPLATE_NAME and qe3.cpp:621: 

So long,
Mr. Wonko
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