[Gtkradiant] Compiling on Windows - guide patch

Willi willi at schinmeyer.de
Sun Sep 11 13:55:18 CDT 2011


I just (successfully!) compiled on Windows, I'm a little surprised, 
actually. The guide is very helpful.

I did run into some trouble though:
- I have multiple Python versions installed and the wrong one is in my 
Path, so the symbolic link didn't work since a DLL couldn't be found. 
Adding a symbolic link to said DLL helped.
- The config script uses commands.getstatusoutput() which doesn't work 
on windows. I changed the function so it doesn't call "{ cmd; }" on 
windows, as once proposed on a Python mailing list.

I changed the instructions accordingly, attached is the diff file.

So long,
Mr. Wonko
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