[Gtkradiant] Windows libs overhaul progress

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Wed Jan 26 03:20:33 CST 2011

Amazing job you're doing, thanks .. I guess you earned yourself some beer :)

Out of curiosity, why not VS 2010?

- Markus

On 26.01.2011 09:23, Nerius Landys wrote:
> Hi guys (especially TTimo, who has attempted this in the past).  I'm
> making progress on overhauling the external library situation in
> ZeroRadiant 1.6.  This is overdue, because some of the outstanding bugs
> cannot be fixed until we update the version of Gtk+.
> My first attempt was to assemble and compile needed libs by hand, and
> hope that things would "just work" in GtkRadiant.  This was not the
> case.  I won't go into details but it was an ugly mess.
> My current effort it to start at ground zero, meaning create a Visual
> C++ 2008 project from scratch, and create a simple "Hello World"
> application that uses Gtk+ (and/or GtkGlExt).
> These two efforts will meet each other halfway, and the entire effort
> will end this way.
> I currently have a working GtkGlExt program (very simple) that is
> compiled via VC2008.  The libraries that it uses are Gtk+, pulled from
> gtk.org <http://gtk.org>, and GtkGlExt, which I compiled by hand (and
> this was a very difficult process indeed, had to do several things trial
> and error until I got it right).
> If you would like to try my sample program, the SVN URL is
> svn://porky.nerius.com/repos/gtk-test-proj
> <http://porky.nerius.com/repos/gtk-test-proj> .  There are very few
> files in this project; it's a bare minimum example showing that GtkGLExt
> can be gotten to work with VC2008.
> You need to run the script gtk-test-proj/setup.sh in the MSYS terminal
> emulator after getting the project.  This script will pull the new Gtk+
> and compiled GtkGlExt libs and put them in the right places.  Basically
> you compile this project very similar to how you would compile
> GtkRadiant 1.6, except that instead of using SCons you just call
> setup.sh directly in MSYS.
> The sample application works after much trouble!
> Now I'm going to return to fixing GtkRadiant.  I have a very strong
> feeling that the .vcproj files are quite wrong in many places.  I plan
> to clean up the project files from scratch, or at least observe them
> under a microscope and edit them as necessary.  I think one of the
> problems is that there are too many unnecessary includes.  I will follow
> a minimalistic approach, adding only the includes and libs that are
> absolutely necessary to get the project to compile.
> It's late at night so if I didn't make too much sense, pardon me.
> - Rambetter
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