[Gtkradiant] Windows libs overhaul progress

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 02:23:28 CST 2011

Hi guys (especially TTimo, who has attempted this in the past).  I'm making
progress on overhauling the external library situation in ZeroRadiant 1.6.
This is overdue, because some of the outstanding bugs cannot be fixed until
we update the version of Gtk+.

My first attempt was to assemble and compile needed libs by hand, and hope
that things would "just work" in GtkRadiant.  This was not the case.  I
won't go into details but it was an ugly mess.

My current effort it to start at ground zero, meaning create a Visual C++
2008 project from scratch, and create a simple "Hello World" application
that uses Gtk+ (and/or GtkGlExt).

These two efforts will meet each other halfway, and the entire effort will
end this way.

I currently have a working GtkGlExt program (very simple) that is compiled
via VC2008.  The libraries that it uses are Gtk+, pulled from gtk.org, and
GtkGlExt, which I compiled by hand (and this was a very difficult process
indeed, had to do several things trial and error until I got it right).

If you would like to try my sample program, the SVN URL is svn://
porky.nerius.com/repos/gtk-test-proj .  There are very few files in this
project; it's a bare minimum example showing that GtkGLExt can be gotten to
work with VC2008.
You need to run the script gtk-test-proj/setup.sh in the MSYS terminal
emulator after getting the project.  This script will pull the new Gtk+ and
compiled GtkGlExt libs and put them in the right places.  Basically you
compile this project very similar to how you would compile GtkRadiant 1.6,
except that instead of using SCons you just call setup.sh directly in MSYS.

The sample application works after much trouble!

Now I'm going to return to fixing GtkRadiant.  I have a very strong feeling
that the .vcproj files are quite wrong in many places.  I plan to clean up
the project files from scratch, or at least observe them under a microscope
and edit them as necessary.  I think one of the problems is that there are
too many unnecessary includes.  I will follow a minimalistic approach,
adding only the includes and libs that are absolutely necessary to get the
project to compile.

It's late at night so if I didn't make too much sense, pardon me.

- Rambetter
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